Saturday, July 25, 2009

Common IM Acronyms

afaikas far as I know
afaictas far as I can tell
afkaway from keyboard
atmat the moment
bbiabbe back in a bit
bbiafbe back in a few (minutes)
bblbe back later
bbsbe back soon
bfoblinding flash of the obvious
brbbe right back
bsodblue screen of death
btwby the way
ciaoItalian for goodbye
ctrncan't talk right now
cul8rsee you later
cyasee ya
dhtbdon't have the bandwidth
f2fface to face
fubarf***ed up beyond all recognition
fwiwfor what it's worth
fyifor your information
gmtagreat minds think alike
iamin a meeting
ianalI am not a lawyer
ihmbI hate my boss
iircif I recall correctly
imhoin my humble opinion
imoin my opinion
iowin other words
irlin real life
gmtagreat minds think alike
gtggot to go
jidjabber identifier
j/kjust kidding
lollaugh out loud
n/mnever mind
n/pno problem
oAoover and out!
omgoh my god
oobout of band
otohon the other hand
owwoops, wrong window!
otpon the phone
pitapain in the ass
povpoint of view
rotflrolling on the floor laughing
rsnreal soon now
rtfmread the friendly manual
slapsounds like a plan
tiathanks in advance
tlathree-letter arconym
ttfnta ta for now
ttyltalk to you later
wbwelcome back
wfmworks for me
wtfwhat the f***?!
wtgway to go!
ymmvyour mileage may vary

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